Quick Change Carbon Block


The 0.5um Nano Silver Carbon Block Filter is used for removing sediment, particles, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and some colours. It reduces heavy metals, chlorine and bacteria growth.

Cartridge Life: 6 months

Nano Silver Carbon Filtration FAQ

How do NSC filters work?

As the name suggests, these filters employ the power of both silver and carbon to remove impurities from water. Activated carbon works by adsorbing, or “trapping” (not absorbing) unwanted molecules in the millions of pores covering its large surface area. It also assists with essential chemical reactions. To remove chlorine, for example, activated carbon changes chlorine molecules into chloride ions upon contact. However, carbon alone does not remove bacteria. Silver on the other hand - with its antimicrobial properties, does.

Nano silver carbon filters are bacteriostatic, meaning they are capable of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Each time bacteria make contact with the silver, their cell membranes are penetrated by silver ions and their reproductive abilities are halted. Nano silver carbon filtration is excellent for minimising unwanted particles, chemicals and bacteria.

What are the benefits of bacteriostatic water filters?

Bacteriostatic filtration helps to produce odourless, uncompromised and fresh tasting water. The silver in these types of filters eliminates the risk of bacterial proliferation from rapidly multiplying bacteria on carbon matter. In addition to health benefits, NSC water filters generally last longer than regular carbon filters due to the control of bacteria reproduction.