Quick Change Silver Alkaline

The Silver Alkaline Filter has antioxidant properties and is used for removing sediment, particles, chemicals, heavy metals and some colours. Oxygen level is improved and the pH is levelled to alkaline.

Silver Alkaline Filtration FAQ

How do Silver Alkaline water filters work?

As the name suggests, these filters employ the power of both silver and alkaline to remove impurities from water. Through a chemical change, alkaline properties within the filter adjust H2O molecules, create a good pH balance and soften water by removing excess minerals (as well as sediment, chemicals, metals and other particles.) Silver is naturally antimicrobial - capable of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Each time bacteria make contact with the silver, their cell membranes are penetrated by silver ions and their reproductive abilities are halted. Silver alkaline filtration is excellent for levelling pH and minimising unwanted particles, minerals and bacteria.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

Alkaline water contains smaller H2O clusters which allow your body to more easily digest and absorb them. This makes the hydration process quicker and improves the taste of water.