5 Stage Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 150G RO

The 5 Stage Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a compact kitchen water filtration system designed to save space without compromising water quality. The 8L 150G RO unit provides users with easy under-the-sink installation and filter replacement, housing disposable filters to reduce exposure to bacteria. Enjoy drinking fresh filtered water from this five-stage RO kitchen filter unit that removes up to 99% of chemicals and contaminants such as fluoride & chlorine. Each system comes with a sleek stainless steel tap.

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?

RO is a popular and cost effective water filtration method. In it, water is passed through a special membrane filter - leaving clean, contaminant-free water stored in a holding tank ready to use. The separated contaminants are automatically flushed down the drain. Alkaline reverse osmosis filters produce high quality water that tastes great.